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With Knowledge, We Develop Them

With the start of the new school year approaching, and to alleviate students’ suffering and continue to support poor families, the Gaza Destek Association announces the campaign “With Knowledge, We Develop Them,” to support the right to education for poor school and university students in need, particularly in these difficult economic conditions in which students in the Gaza Strip are struggling and many Palestinian families are unable to meet their basic educational needs. Poverty has soared to more than 69 percent, the unemployment rate has increased to 46.6 percent, and families’ reliance on aid has surged to 80 percent. Furthermore, more than half of university students are battling with the accumulation of unpaid university fees, which stops them from earning their diplomas and entering the labor market.

Contribute to their educational future with us

The “With Knowledge, We Develop Them” campaign will be a ray of hope for students in the Gaza Strip and will enable them to look to the future with confidence. Through this campaign, Gazze Destek Derneği is determined to build a society where the right to education is accessible to everyone. All these studies are of great importance for young people in the Gaza Strip to continue their education and to grow up as individuals who will contribute to their society in the future.

The campaign’s hashtag: #Reviving_Ramadan_Goodness

With Knowledge We Develop Them, is launched for different communities in 4 languages (Arabic – English – Turkish – Indonesian) through the association’s social media platforms, aiming to expand the scope of the services offered by the association and benefit the widest possible segment. Support is provided to poor and needy families in Palestine through the projects and programs implemented by the association.