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Elevate lives campaign

After graduation, many young people see their aspirations and dreams dampened by the daunting realities of poverty and rampant unemployment that plague numerous socio-economically disadvantaged regions worldwide. This pressing situation forces many of them to rely heavily on humanitarian aid for basic needs. Some are pushed into low-wage jobs that barely cover essentials, while others are driven to dangerous illegal migration, often risking their lives on vessels ominously known as ‘boats of death’, all in the hope of securing a better future for themselves and their families.

Employment for 10,000 unemployed youth

We at Gazze Destek Organization have launched a transformative initiative to uplift and empower unemployed youth, steering them toward a brighter, sustainable future. This initiative centers around creating business incubators, anticipated to employ ten thousand youth in the upcoming four years. These incubators, tailored to address the diverse needs of the labor market, span multiple sectors.

These incubators include

Diploma Incubators for Freelance Work

A professional diploma qualifying graduates or students to engage in freelance work platforms. The program consists of three modules spanning a year, aiming to develop specialized skills, foreign language proficiency, and the ability to join global freelance platforms. Participants gain opportunities for sustainable employment and efficient management of their businesses.

Industrial Business Incubators

These incubators are built on an intensive training program for students and graduates in various industrial fields under the supervision of experts, lasting for two years. They are housed within industrial cooperatives and operate under profit-sharing contracts, aiming to equip participants with skills and capital necessary for establishing their own industrial projects.

Integrated Electronic Maintenance

These incubators focus on intensive training for graduates in the field of electronic maintenance, under the guidance of specialists, over a span of two years, within electronic maintenance cooperatives. The program operates through profit-sharing contracts, aiming to provide participants with skills and capital required for launching their own projects..

Integrated E-Commerce Incubators

A comprehensive e-commerce platform that allows individuals to showcase their products and services for sale or rent, accompanied by a delivery team and financial credit loading centers.

Remote Work Incubators

Offering fully equipped offices with all necessary facilities, providing an ideal working environment for remote employees and employers, enabling them to effectively carry out their tasks according to a precise program under mutually safeguarded conditions.

Integrated Agri-business Incubators

The objective is to provide training for graduates or impoverished farmers in specialized agricultural fields for a full year, through profit-sharing contracts. This initiative aims to equip them with the necessary skills and capital to establish their agricultural projects..

Good Loan Fund for Small Projects

Providing small interest-free loans for unemployed individuals to finance their projects after feasibility studies and ongoing monitoring to ensure successful implementation, along with mechanisms for loan repayment.

Innovation and Business Development Lab

Compiling a guide for research priorities in the field of employment opportunities innovation and holding an annual competition for the top 10 research projects. These projects are executed and discussed in a scientific guide during an annual conference.

Elevate lives campaign to employ 10,000 unemployed youth

Business Incubators are an investment-driven and sustainable initiative. With just $1000, one can empower a young individual for a lifetime. Through this initiative, we provide an inspiring environment for youth, equipped with necessary resources for fostering entrepreneurship and business leadership. It offers young people the opportunity to realize their potential, develop their skills, and contribute to significant positive changes in their personal lives and communities.

The Elevate lives campaign to employ 10,000 unemployed youth is launched for different communities in 4 languages ​​(Arabic – English – Turkish – Indonesian) through the association’s social media platforms, aiming to expand the scope of the services offered by the association and benefit the widest possible segment of people. Support is provided to poor and needy families in Palestine through the projects and programs implemented by the association.